Friday, May 2, 2008

The Infinite Actuary

I've studied the ASM Manual a few times now. I must say, I am still a little bit confused at some of the topics covered in the manual. Therefore, I am considering subscribing to an online seminar called The Infinite Actuary. I've seen members of and Actuarial Outpost talk about how the seminar helped them pass their exams. From the information I gathered from the site and informed forum members, the seminars will help me better understand the fundamental concepts of probability that will be covered on the exam. The only downside is that it costs 375 dollars for a subcription. They did say that it costs 187.50 dollars for full time students. That's still a kind of pricey. But considering the benefits of passing the exams, its a small price to pay. I'm still deciding whether or not I should subscribe to the seminar. But it looks more and more likely that I'll be subscribing since I'll be very busy with classes and work during the summer. The seminar would save me some time from having to self study the materials that I do not understand. Below is the link to The Infinite Actuary website.


Anonymous said...

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Eating Poverty said...

Did you buy the TIA online seminar? Do you recommend it?