Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finals Week

Yup, so far I have completed one final and have two more to go. Two of my classes do not have finals so that gives me a much needed relief. The final I just finished was Art History. That was probably the hardest final I have ever taken. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that I passed the class. The last two finals are Microeconomics and Business Calculus. I have all the confidence in the world that I'll do well on the calc final. On the other hand, I'm a bit worried about the econ final. In order to have it count as VEE credit, I need to obtain a B- or better grade in the class. As of right now, I am getting a B-. For the past couple of days, I've been constantly studying for econ. Hopefully, I'll get my B-.


CJ Manuel said...

Hey Jeff,

I cruised onto your sight when I googled "the infinite actuary". You must have tons of traffic.

I'm studying for Exam P right now, I used the ASM and Actex manuals. I can tell you that the ASM is excellent for people that have had a probability course and need to get to that third dimension of studying. But, when I needed something to go into detail I read the Actex. You are extremely lucky to have TIA, if you learn by demo it should be great for you.

I know that the $175 price of the exam seems like alot, but if you haven't sat for the exam, ever---I would say sign up for it, get a feel for how its set up, so you can get an idea of how to prepare for the one in Feb 09. Its such a different beast taking it on the computer, I think its just good to have that experience out of the way. AND no one ever feels ready a couple months away from the actual exam. As you approach, you'll feel much more confident. Trust me, if all else fails and you get boggled down with interviewing for internships next fall, you can cancel the week before the exam.

Also, the benefit of taking the exam is that employers will give you a nod because it actually shows you're pursuing the field. So, when it comes to comparing you to your fellow classmate, they can say "oh hey, he's attempted an exam".

Good luck with the exam and your summer plans.

Jeff said...

Hey CJ Manuel,

Thanks for the advice. I am definitely leaning towards taking Exam P during November. I still havn't signed up for TIA yet, but I am probably leaning towards getting signing up for that as well. By the way, good luck on your sitting for Exam P CJ.